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If you’re like many classic car enthusiasts your passion for restoring your vehicle, given the hours and hours you’ve put into it, isn’t about the cost, it’s about the love for the car.  You just can’t place a value on it like you can any regular “used” car.  Your car is special.

And protecting your car from loss or damage takes someone who understands the time, the care and the passion your car represents.  Someone who understands the difference between the ACV or Actual Cash Value of your vehicle (the value used by most auto insurers) and the TRUE VALUE, the value used by collectors and classic enthusiasts.  It takes someone with a special appreciation and knowledge for insuring classic cars.  It takes Maple Mountain Insurance.

The Best, Most Comprehensive Insurance for Classic Cars on the Market

Most auto insurance agents try to insure classic cars based on the ACV of your vehicle – it’s like insuring the metal, rubber and paint and ignoring the heart and soul of your vehicle. At Maple Mountain Insurance we not only understand the passion, we understand how to value your vehicle to insure it with the right coverage at the right value for the right price.  That’s why we can promise, with confidence, that we can beat anyone’s price on Classic Car insurance.

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