What Keeps You Up At Night?

Have you ever woke up at night wondering if you remembered to lock the front door?  Do you remember purchasing your first car seat for your new baby, anxious to make sure he or she would be safe?  Or how many nights have you stayed up waiting for your son or daughter to get home before you could finally relax and go to bed?

It’s natural to want to protect those we love, those who are important to us.

Maple Mountain Insurance Services is in the business of protecting what’s important to you.  Whether it’s your family, your health, your home, your automobiles, your business or those who rely on you every day we are experts at helping you prepare for life’s uncertainties so you can sleep at night.

If you’re looking to insure your home, your health or your vehicles, if you want to protect your family’s income or your business call Maple Mountain Insurance Services at 801-396-3900. We’ll help you protect what’s important to you!

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Homeowner Insurance
We protect your home and contents from fire, theft, accident and natural elements.  We also provide you with liability coverage against accidents on your property.


Automobile Insurance
Make sure you’re protected against accident and injury when you’re on the road.  We can also protect your recreational vehicles so you can play with confidence.

Small Business Insurance

Small Business Insurance
Our thorough assessment of your small business needs can protect your property, liability, employees and can even protect your income.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance
Protect your company’s assets, real property, and health of your employees.  We can also help you with Errors & Omissions protection and malpractice coverage.

Tell me about Classic Car Insurance

Are you into Classic Cars?

If you own a classic car or truck you know its value to you is more than its 'street value'. How do you put a value on the time, the dollars and the passion you have invested in it? When insuring your Classic, regular auto insurance really won't protect it. But at Maple Mountain Insurance we know Classic Cars. And we know how to protect them at the best price available anywhere. Click on the button above right and learn how we can protect your classic vehicle.

Tell me about Classic Car Insurance

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