Spring Home Improvement Projects Should Be Covered by Homeowners’ Insurance

Are you considering having some repairs done on your house this Spring? Many home improvement tasks are conducted in the Springtime, and for good reason. If you’re getting ready to take on these large projects, be sure that you look into if it will be covered by your homeowners’ insurance in Mapleton, UT.

What You Need in Your Insurance Policy for Home Improvement

Whether you’re planning on remodeling your entire kitchen or putting on a new roof, you should know beforehand if damages occurring during such work are included in your insurance policy. You do not want to be stuck paying for it entirely out-of-pocket if an unfortunate issue should arise. 

The following are some key points you should keep in mind for your home improvement:

Discuss additional coverage with your agent

This is a crucial step when first getting homeowners’ insurance, but you can go back and make changes to your existing policy. 

Determine if your contractor is insured 

It also is a good idea that any contractor who undertakes your home projects be insured. If the contractor or any of their employees is injured while working on your home, this will pay for their medical bills and more having to do with the injuries. Ask to see his or her certificate of insurance before any work gets underway. 

Talk to your agent about getting insurance to replacement cost value

Many people neglect to include this in their home insurance policy. This will help you cover your losses if any major damages occur. Though it may seem mind-boggling to you, your insurance agent will be able to figure out the amount you need covered in such a policy. 

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