Does Utah Require Classic Car Insurance?

If you love your classic car, you are like many others in the Mapleton, UT area. Maple Mountain Insurance Services works with many people who own classic cars and enjoy taking them out for a spin here and there. If this sounds familiar, you might wonder what kind of insurance is necessary for this kind of vehicle.

So, does the state require classic car insurance? What do you need to have to protect yourself and your vehicle?

Utah Requires Liability Insurance

Whether you drive a classic car or a modern vehicle, you need to have liability insurance. This coverage is a requirement in the state and in most other states as well. You may be able to qualify for a classic car plan, which assumes you drive your car much less than the average driver who uses their vehicle to commute to work or go on long road trips.

Protecting the Value of Your Car Is Smart

While you may not need to have comprehensive coverage for your classic car, having more coverage is more likely to protect the value of your car. You don’t want to leave anything to fate, and insurance helps you with this. Look for classic car coverage that also covers your vehicle when you take it to shows and for those times it is parked and uncovered.

Get the Coverage Your Classic Car Deserves

Maple Mountain Insurance Services, which serves Mapleton, UT, understands your goals as a classic car owner. You want to find a good compromise of coverage and practicality. Choose the right plan for your classic car to ensure that you meet the state’s requirements.