Four things you’ll love about your classic car insurance policy

Protect your classic car in Mapleton, UT by purchasing classic car insurance coverage. At Maple Mountain Insurance Services, we provide classic care insurance policies to area consumers. 

Here are four things that you’ll love about your classic car insurance policy.

Having roadside assistance coverage

Roadside assistance coverage is one of the most convenient features that classic car insurance can offer. With this coverage feature, you can get a tow truck to come and transport your vehicle to a repair shop if you break down or get in an accident. 

Getting claims covered by experts

Classic car insurance providers can offer auto experts to handle claims on rare or especially valuable vehicles. This allows classic car owners to maintain their vehicle’s value and enjoy expert advice on repair needs and options. 

Being able to take the insured vehicle to a specialty repair shop

If you own a classic car, you probably want to pamper your vehicle by taking it to a specialty repair shop when you experience mechanical issues. Fortunately, classic car insurance policies can often cover the costs of getting repairs done by a specialty repair shop when necessary. 

Customizing your insurance coverage to limited vehicle usage

Classic car owners often don’t drive their vehicles during the winter months or during other periods of the year. With classic car insurance coverage, you could adjust your coverage to your usage habits by switching to storage coverage only during the off-season. 

At Maple Mountain Insurance Services, we can provide you with a quote on an insurance policy that will cover your classic car in Mapleton, UT. Call us or contact us online to learn more about the insurance policies that we offer. 

Three things to know about classic car insurance

If you are a classic car owner, choosing the right insurance coverage for your vehicle is essential. Classic car owners in Mapleton, UT can purchase classic car insurance from Maple Mountain Insurance Services.

The following are three things you should know about classic car insurance. 

Classic car insurance can provide coverage for high-value vehicles.

You need to ensure that your classic car’s auto insurance policy can cover its full value. Classic cars tend to have a higher value than standard automobiles. This means insurance policies that cover them should have higher collision coverage policy maximums. 

Classic car insurance policies can offer agreed-value coverage.

Classic car insurance policies are often agreed-value policies. With an agreed-value policy, the vehicle owner is compensated for a previously agreed-upon value, typically the total worth of the insured car.

An agreed-value policy differs from a typical auto insurance policy, compensating the vehicle owner for the market value at the time of the accident. 

With a classic car insurance policy with agreed value coverage, classic car owners can be sure of how much they’ll get for a claim if their vehicle is totaled. 

Many classic car insurance policies have mileage limits.

Classic cars are not typically used as frequently as standard automobiles. They are not used for everyday commuting. Because of this, classic car insurance policies may have mileage limits on them.

You must be aware of any mileage limit on your policy when purchasing classic car insurance. 

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about classic car insurance. We can meet your insurance needs at Maple Mountain Insurance Services in Mapleton, UT. 

Does Utah Require Classic Car Insurance?

If you love your classic car, you are like many others in the Mapleton, UT area. Maple Mountain Insurance Services works with many people who own classic cars and enjoy taking them out for a spin here and there. If this sounds familiar, you might wonder what kind of insurance is necessary for this kind of vehicle.

So, does the state require classic car insurance? What do you need to have to protect yourself and your vehicle?

Utah Requires Liability Insurance

Whether you drive a classic car or a modern vehicle, you need to have liability insurance. This coverage is a requirement in the state and in most other states as well. You may be able to qualify for a classic car plan, which assumes you drive your car much less than the average driver who uses their vehicle to commute to work or go on long road trips.

Protecting the Value of Your Car Is Smart

While you may not need to have comprehensive coverage for your classic car, having more coverage is more likely to protect the value of your car. You don’t want to leave anything to fate, and insurance helps you with this. Look for classic car coverage that also covers your vehicle when you take it to shows and for those times it is parked and uncovered.

Get the Coverage Your Classic Car Deserves

Maple Mountain Insurance Services, which serves Mapleton, UT, understands your goals as a classic car owner. You want to find a good compromise of coverage and practicality. Choose the right plan for your classic car to ensure that you meet the state’s requirements.

3 Tips for Buying Classic Car Insurance in Utah

A classic car insurance policy is as unique as your classic car. It’s not a standard auto insurance policy, but a specialized policy just for your prized classic car. If you don’t currently have classic car insurance in Mapleton, UT, now is the time to get it. Our team at Maple Mountain Insurance Services has put together this list of three tips to help you get started.

1. Work with a Reputable Insurance Agent

The first step to buying classic car insurance is to work with a reputable insurance agent who can explain varying policies, offer guidance, answer questions, and help you find discounts. This agent will be by your side throughout the entire classic car insurance buying process.

2. Compare Several Insurance Quotes

The insurance needs of your classic car may be quite specific. For this reason, it’s a good idea to make a list of what you want to be covered and then compare several quotes with your insurance agent. This will help you find the best policy to match your needs and budget

3. Bundle Your Classic Car Insurance

Consider bundling all of your insurance policies under one carrier for a premium discount. Bundle your auto, life, home, and other insurance policies together for an easy way to save money.

To learn more about purchasing a classic car insurance policy in Mapleton, UT, contact Maple Mountain Insurance Services. Reputable, friendly agents are waiting to take your call. We’ll explain what classic car insurance is, what it covers, and help you get started in selecting the right policy for you. Contact our agents to get started with a quote.