What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Insurance is meant to protect your valuable assets, including your boat. And as you plan to have a good time cruising in it, do not forget boat insurance. Boat owners often wonder how necessary boat insurance coverage is or what it protects. If you are in the same boat, the Maple Mountain Insurance Services of Mapleton, UT takes you through what is covered under boat insurance.

Physical Damage

This type of coverage protects your boat against common risks like theft, fire, sinking, and collision. It also helps protect your boat, whether it is on land or at sea. In most cases, the property covered varies, but one’s policy can cover components like anchors, motors, batteries, and safety equipment like fire extinguishers and floatation devices.

Liability Coverage

If your boat causes damage to other boats or structures, this kind of coverage helps cover any resulting expenses you may incur. Liability coverage protects you against lawsuits, including the payment of legal fees or any settlement. However, when getting boat insurance, first talk to your agent to ensure you are buying the proper coverage.

Medical Payment Coverage

Your boat may get into an accident leading to either you or the passengers getting injured. This type of policy helps cover medical expenses like X-rays, medication, and hospital bills.

Uninsured Boat Coverage

What if you get into an accident with an uninsured boater and your boat gets damaged, or you get injured? Uninsured boat coverage can help cover the expenses arising from an accident.

Are you a boat owner in Mapleton, UT? If you consider how hard you have worked to own that boat, you should do everything in your power to protect it. That is why you need insurance to safeguard it against various risks. Contact us at Maple Mountain Insurance Services today, where we can help you select the right coverage for your boat.