Can Part-Time RV Travelers Benefit from RV Insurance?

Our insurance agents at Maple Mountain Insurance Services in Mapleton, UT understand that deciding whether it’s time to get RV insurance is a big decision. For part-time RV owners, it might seem optional to get RV insurance. Even though you might think that you don’t need RV insurance because of how infrequently you take your RV out for a drive, the truth is that any RV owner should consider protecting their RV with specialized insurance, even if it spends most of its time sitting in the garage. Even a stationary RV is at risk of damage, theft, and more. Because of these risks, why not protect them with the appropriate type of insurance coverage?

Can Part-Time RV Travelers Benefit from RV Insurance?

While each RV insurance policy on the market has different terms and limits that may make it more suitable for one type of RV owner or another, any RV owner can benefit from RV insurance, in our opinion. After all, an RV not on the road is just as susceptible to being stolen or damaged by the elements. The last thing any RV owner wants to do is scramble in an emergency to figure out how they might handle the theft of their RV or a liability concern. If you only use your RV part-time, you might be able to purchase an RV insurance policy tailored to your situation. With RV insurance, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your RV is protected even when it’s not in use. You’ll feel extra secure with RV insurance, keeping your recreational vehicle covered when you are on the road.

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Why Do You Need RV Insurance?

If you have an RV or are thinking about getting one, you may be going over all the associated costs. One thing that you may not think about is insurance for your RV. You may not feel you need it, but that could be a big mistake. 

Here are some reasons why you need RV insurance. 

  • It is required by law. Most states require you to have insurance on your RV, just in case you are in an accident. You may be required to have at minimum liability insurance, which will cover medical and property expenses if you are involved in an accident. 
  • If you take out a loan for your RV, they may require you to have insurance. They will want to protect their investment by ensuring that it will get fixed or replaced if needed. If not, you may walk away and not pay them back for the loan. 
  • You may want to get more insurance to help cover your RV’s loss. If you are in an accident, you may face a hefty bill to fix or replace your RV. If you can’t afford it, you will want to have insurance to help you with these expenses. 

Though you may not think about insurance, the truth is that the law requires you to have it. Your loan may also require it. That being said, you may also want to ensure that your investment is protected if it is badly damaged in an accident. 

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4 Benefits of RV Insurance

Taking a trip around the country in the convenience of a home is a dream come true for many. Oh, how fun! Recreational vehicles (RVs) have made this possible. Any car that can be termed as recreational, no matter the type, needs ample protection, and RV insurance is that protection that every RV owner needs to purchase.

When you purchase RV insurance from Maple Mountain Insurance Services, you enjoy the following benefits:

Liability protection

Accidents happen every time, even if you are a careful driver. And when you are liable for an accident, and you cause bodily injury or property damage, it could cost you thousands of dollars. Think of legal costs if you got sued or hospital bills. But with RV insurance, your expenses are sorted out.

Asset protection

RVs are not cheap. When you are purchasing it, you are buying a significant investment. Unfortunately, an unforeseen incident like an accident, hail, or fire can damage your investment. Without RV insurance, this could cost you a fortune to replace. However, when you have RV insurance, it takes care of damages to your RV.

Compliance with the law

If you are driving a motorized RV, it’s mandatory to carry RV insurance. You need at least liability coverage to get you on the road. Failure to comply with the law can have you pay heavy penalties and, worse, your license revoked.

Peace of mind

There is no better feeling than peace of mind while you are on that road trip. Roads are full of risky incidences, like speeding drivers, drunk drivers, or even uninsured drivers. RV insurance keeps you relaxed in your adventure, knowing that you are well covered. 

RV insurance in Mapleton, UT

While an RV comes with lots of fun, insuring it is one critical thing you should not forget. With all the benefits associated with RV insurance, it’s a worthwhile investment. To that end, if you are in Mapleton, UT, and its environs, contact Maple Mountain Insurance Services for an affordable quote.

RV Insurance: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

There’s nothing like hitting the road in an RV to explore the natural wonders of Utah. RV insurance from Maple Mountain Insurance Services in Mapleton, UT will ensure you have the protection you need on the road. Before hitting the road in Utah, we recommend you consider the following RV insurance coverage:

  • Liability – Liability RV coverage is mandatory in most states, and Utah is no exception. Utah sets minimum limits on liability insurance to protect other drivers in accidents you cause. Liability coverage helps pay for injuries or property damage to other vehicles if you’re found at fault of an accident. As RVs can cause extensive damage in an accident, you should consider getting more than the bare minimum to protect yourself against serious accidents.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist – Utah also requires that RV owners obtain uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance to cover damage to their vehicle if they’re hit by someone with insufficient or no insurance coverage.
  • Collision & Comprehensive – Collision coverage pays for repairs to your RV if it’s damaged in a crash. Comprehensive coverage protects you against theft and damage to your RV from non-collision incidents such as fire, hail, or vandalism. Collision and comprehensive coverage are optional but worthwhile to protect your valuable investment. 
  • Roadside Assistance – This coverage comes in handy if you get stranded by the side of the road due to mechanical issues with your RV.
  • Vacation Liability – Vacation liability coverage protects you against accidental injuries visitors may have in your parked vehicle or at your campsite during your vacation. If, for example, a friend gets burned while helping you cook a meal in your RV, vacation liability helps cover his medical costs.

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