What Utah Residents Should Know About Auto Insurance

Auto accidents can occur as a result of many factors. One such way is you getting distracted by Utah’s stunning landscape and end up crashing into someone’s car. Utah uses a no-fault system for car insurance, meaning that you will make a claim to your insurance regardless of who is at fault. 

Utah drivers know that auto insurance is mandatory, but are they aware of the different car insurance types? When you partner with Maple Mountain Insurance Services located in Mapleton, UT, they will help you understand the below auto insurance options.

Utah requires drivers to buy liability coverage that covers a minimum of the following:

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person
  • $65,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $15,000 property damage per accident

Furthermore, Utah requires drivers to purchase personal injury protection (PIP) with a minimum limit of $3,000. PIP covers accident-related medical costs regardless of who was at fault. PIP also coves part loss of income.

If you are looking for maximum auto protection, you have to look beyond the minimum covers. Why? In the case of a severe accident, your minimum policy limits are likely to run out, forcing you to cover uncovered losses from your pocket. 

That said, you need to explore the below auto insurance options for your vehicle:

  • Collision and comprehensive insurance: Although PIP and liability insurance seems to cover much, they don’t provide any coverage for damage to your car. Collision insurance comes into play when someone crashes into your car or for your mishaps like reversing into a post. 

Comprehensive cover extends beyond collision and protects your car from theft, vandalism, falling objects, fire, and some natural disasters like floods and hail.

  • Uninsured & underinsured motorist insurance: Uninsured drivers can leave a trail of unpaid accident expenses on their way. They have insufficient coverage to cater for accident-related damages and medical costs, forcing other motorists to buy extra insurance.

Need more information on auto insurance? Please contact Maple Mountain Insurance Services located in Mapleton, UT, for comprehensive auto insurance tips. Wondering whether you should buy all auto insurance plans? Don’t worry. We offer customized auto insurance coverage that is unique to your needs.