Does motorcycle insurance cover your gear?

Motorcycle insurance is required in most states. Your right to legally drive your bike through Utah is, in fact, contingent on your indemnity plan that must include at least $25,000 per person for bodily injury and a minimum $3,000 in personal injury protection. 

Is the state minimum enough, though? What about your gear? Does motorcycle insurance cover the necessities and accessories? The agents at Maple Mountain Insurance Services can help you create the indemnity plan that gives you the protection you need on the road. 

Yes! Motorcycle insurance can cover your protective gear

In addition to purchasing coverage for bodily injury and property damage, you can also buy a motorcycle insurance plan that pays to replace your equipment. This type of insurance comes in handy when you have an accident that ruins your helmet. Your indemnity plan can replace both your bike and the main accessory you need to ride it safely. 

Gear protection also extends to gloves and riding leathers. An agent at Maple Mountain Insurance Services can explain the details of how this insurance feature works in Mapleton, UT. 

What else can you do with motorcycle insurance?

A good motorcycle insurance plan pays for towing and labor costs when your bike breaks down during a road trip. Some indemnity policies even reimburse owners for lodging when they are stranded due to the bike stalling. Such a perk is recognized as trip interruption coverage. 

You may also find that your motorcycle insurance policy covers rental bikes that you use while on vacation. The collision and comprehensive coverage of your policy can pay for the damages to the rental. 

The agents at Maple Mountain Insurance Services can help you find a motorcycle indemnity policy that fits your needs in Mapleton, UT. Call today for a quote!