Three common misconceptions about motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle owners need to choose a motorcycle insurance policy that protects them financially. At Maple Mountain Insurance Services, we offer motorcycle insurance coverage to motorcycle owners in Mapleton, UT.

There are a few misconceptions that motorcycle owners should be aware of so that they don’t make poor motorcycle insurance coverage decisions.

Here are three common misconceptions about motorcycle insurance. 

Getting a motorcycle insurance policy quote negatively impacts a consumer’s credit score.

Getting numerous quotes when you’re on the market for motorcycle insurance is essential. You shouldn’t be discouraged from getting multiple quotes because you’re worried about negative impacts on your credit score.

When you get a quote on a motorcycle insurance policy, the insurance policy will check your credit score. However, this will be a soft inquiry that won’t reduce your score. This means you should feel free to get multiple quotes you can compare when choosing your motorcycle insurance policy. 

You only need to meet state minimum coverage requirements with your motorcycle insurance.

To protect your finances, you should invest in motorcycle insurance coverage that exceeds state minimum requirements. You will even be required to do so if you took out a loan to purchase your motorcycle because lenders will require you to buy collision coverage. 

Motorcycle insurance usually costs as much as auto insurance.

Motorcycle owners will be happy to learn that motorcycle insurance usually costs less than auto insurance.

Some consumers assume that the costs of motorcycle and auto insurance are similar. However, motorcycle insurance often costs a consumer only around half of the cost of auto insurance coverage. 

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