Three things to know about classic car insurance

If you are a classic car owner, choosing the right insurance coverage for your vehicle is essential. Classic car owners in Mapleton, UT can purchase classic car insurance from Maple Mountain Insurance Services.

The following are three things you should know about classic car insurance. 

Classic car insurance can provide coverage for high-value vehicles.

You need to ensure that your classic car’s auto insurance policy can cover its full value. Classic cars tend to have a higher value than standard automobiles. This means insurance policies that cover them should have higher collision coverage policy maximums. 

Classic car insurance policies can offer agreed-value coverage.

Classic car insurance policies are often agreed-value policies. With an agreed-value policy, the vehicle owner is compensated for a previously agreed-upon value, typically the total worth of the insured car.

An agreed-value policy differs from a typical auto insurance policy, compensating the vehicle owner for the market value at the time of the accident. 

With a classic car insurance policy with agreed value coverage, classic car owners can be sure of how much they’ll get for a claim if their vehicle is totaled. 

Many classic car insurance policies have mileage limits.

Classic cars are not typically used as frequently as standard automobiles. They are not used for everyday commuting. Because of this, classic car insurance policies may have mileage limits on them.

You must be aware of any mileage limit on your policy when purchasing classic car insurance. 

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about classic car insurance. We can meet your insurance needs at Maple Mountain Insurance Services in Mapleton, UT.