5 Moments to add or upgrade life insurance in Mapleton, UT

Maple Mountain Insurance Services knows that life insurance is a necessity.

Unfortunately, many others don’t understand this fact until it’s too late. Even existing policyholders underestimate their current coverage. Life insurance is a living document. As your life changes, your policy should too.

Maple Mountain Insurance Services can help. Located in Mapleton, UT, the agency lists five life events that require an immediate review of your life insurance needs.

Getting married

Marriage is a major financial commitment. If a spouse passes unexpectedly, bills, expenses, and other debt are left behind. Life insurance covers the surviving partner, enabling them to continue without this burden.

Buying a home

Many families rely on two sources of income. And mortgage payments will continue after you pass. Life insurance enables your family to keep the home by supplementing these costs.

Having a baby

Raising a child already leads to worry and sleepless nights. Rest a little easier with life insurance. This secures your child’s future, providing safeguards if you may pass prematurely.

Starting a business

Giving "birth" to a new business is equally scary. The payout from life insurance could help a family assume control when you’re gone. Yet life insurance covers investors too. It grants peace of mind and stability. It ensures continuity if you pass.


Life insurance is meant to reduce risk and replace earned wages of a deceased partner. This becomes less important during retirement. Pensions and Social Security may be enough. Once you stop working, you may want to decrease your coverage.

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"Set it and forget it" won’t cut it. Life insurance should grow with you. Serving Mapleton, UT, Maple Mountain Insurance Services can craft a policy that best protects you and your family. Schedule an appointment today.