What Residents of Utah Need to Know about Flood Insurance

Did you know that as a 30-year homeowner, you are more likely to experience a flood than a fire? Although much of Utah is desert, this state is still susceptible to flooding. However, by knowing what types of hazards are present in Mapleton, UT, you can prepare yourself for a possible flood. Read on to learn more.

Flash Floods

This type of highly dangerous flood occurs in all 50 states, and as a resident of Utah, you should be prepared for this event. Flash floods come fast and furious. They are the result of a substantial amount of rainfall, quickly melting ice, and more, that make bodies of water, such as riverbeds, overflow. If you live near a river, slot canyon, or a dam, a flash flood could engulf your home. You’ll need a particular insurance policy to protect yourself from this kind of flooding.

Faulty Pipes

A burst pipe can result in flooding damage to your home. This gets expensive very quickly. Imagine everything you own sopping wet and ruined. If this were to happen, it’s essential to call in a professional right away to minimize the water damage and immediately make a claim with your insurance company.

Purchase Flood Insurance

The best way to protect yourself against flooding, either by an act of nature, faulty pipes, or a leaking roof, is by acquiring flood insurance. The friendly team at Maple Mountain Insurance Services in Mapleton, UT will go over potential flood hazards for your property and help you find a flood policy to protect you, your family, and your property. Give us a call today with all your questions and concerns. Maple Mountain Insurance Services can be reached right now by phone, email, or come and visit our office to speak with an agent.